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Deborah A. Culos (Debbie) started writing stories to entertain her three children and valiantly tried to find a publisher who would publish these stories. Life went on and finally Debbie got published in the Devon Dispatch, Devon Alberta, writing about dog grooming in a monthly column under her business name That Extra Scratch Behind the Ear.

Then Debbie’s big opportunity came when one of her children’s stories, “Imagine Elizabeth” was published in Our Canada Magazine in their story time section. The drive to see her work in print again, led Debbie to self-publish all her written works, 2 grooming books, 6 children’s short stories, a children’s series of 17 books, a preteen chapter book about horses and some poems. These writings will be available soon.


BOOKS by Debbie

That Extra Scratch Behind the Ear

Renaissance Grooming, ( the rebirth of Grooming)….

That Extra Scratch Behind the Ear