Renaissance Grooming, ( the rebirth of Grooming)….

ThatExtraScratchBehindtheEar-flatThis book is written to give your dog a voice and ‘that extra scratch behind the ear’ it deserves for their unconditional love, loyalty and patience in your search, as their owner for a quality groomer. This book is also written to teach old and new groomers that there are better and less stressful ways to groom dogs and cats and yes, you can teach ‘old dogs’ new tricks.And finally, this book is written because as of now, Grooming is not regulated in Canada under the Journeyman and Apprenticeship Boards as a spin off of the Hair-styling Trade, creating proper instruction, examination, Apprenticeship, licensing and a ”Standard of Ethics of Grooming” on a LIVING BEING.I am hoping, for now, this book will help change the conditions in the grooming salons for the better and retrain the groomers for a higher quality of talent. Help me change the grooming world in Canada for the better.